Meet the Staff

Melvyn Hayward Jr.
Executive Director/Co-Founder
Melvyn Hayward Jr. serves as the Executive Director for H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation. His commitment to affecting positive change with youth and young adults from low income communities plagued with violence has made a difference in the lives of hundreds in Los Angeles County. Mr. Hayward bring 18 years of experience working with high-risk youth, adults and families who have been associated with gangs and crimes.
Ansar El Muhammad
Ansar El Muhammad aka Brother Stan spent most of his childhood in Compton & Venice, California. He got involved in Gang activity at a very young age which led to 15 years of a non-productive lifestyle. His influence came from Family members who were entrenched in negative activities for two generations. This type of behavior ultimately led to violence, drug use and incarceration. Mr. Muhammad is committed to making communities safe, as he unites business, residents, local government agencies, churches and community based organizations to save our youth and young adults through collaborative efforts that emphasize education, training and empowerment.
Michael Godoy
Wraparound Intervention Supervisor
Michael works with gang involved/ at risk youth on probation and or in the department of children and family services, providing mentoring and life skills to youth on probation and or in the department of children and family services, providing mentoring and life skills to youth in the wraparound program. Michael uses personal experience, education and extensive training to build relationships and bonds to reverse negative childhood conditioning. Michael is also a mentor to a sophomore class at Otis College of Design in an Anthropological class called "Homeboy History" connecting the class and youth he serves to incorporate ideas that can be fabricated to assist H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation and the communities served.
Enrique Fernandez
Community Intervention Worker
REACH RESTORE REDIRECT Mr. Fernandez was raised in the Mar Vista Gardens housing development working in the Pacific GRYD in the Mar Vista Gardens Housing development that houses 601 units (families) of low income families plagued with violence and gangs. Enrique, being a product of that lifestyle, now has a passion to working with high-risk youth, adults and families who have been associated with gangs and crimes. Mr. Fernandez joined the H.E.L.P.E.R. team in September 2015 as a Community Intervention Worker. Enrique has been certified through the Urban Peace Institute's Los Angeles Violence Intervention Training Academy (LAVITA).
Claudia Bracho
Family Case Manger
Claudia has specialized in gang intervention work, particularly in the areas of street outreach, youth advocacy and program direction, since 1998. She was the Executive Director of Venice Barrios Unidos and is currently a case manager for H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation. She began working for H.E.L.P.E.R. since 2003. Claudia case manages 15-24 year old gang related youth and families, providing them with individual and family counseling. She facilitates weekly group session where she provides lesson based on gang awareness, drug awareness, behavior modification, and anger management.
Patricia "Sugar" Witherspoon
Family Case Manager
Sugar has been doing this work professionally since 1999 and for the Foundation as a case manager almost 6 years. Sugar's role is to assist and support our youth, if they so desire to transition from a negative to a positive lifestyle. Sugar has mastered the art of making people feel a "sense of belonging", being accepted and being part of something. "This is not a job, it's a passion of mine" -Sugar
Paula Guadron
Wraparound Intervention Worker
Paula was born in LA, raised in Echo Park, and shares her experience as a Salvadoran-Mexican/Urban Native through her work in the community. Her work with H.E.L.P.E.R. Foundation involves providing intervention strategies and advocacy for Urban Youth of Color, in assisting mental health wraparound teams throughout LA county. Her role is to facilitate, guide and support for generationally marginalized families facing legal, mental health, and DCFS departments without the adequate education or resources.
Phillip' D' Ablo' Morris
Wraparound Intervention Consultant
Phillip is the founder and CED of "The Generation X Group" which offers 30 plus years of actual experience and testimonial hands on experience. Phillip suffered from a tragic loss that ignited a desire to reach the youth across America. This is how The Generation X Group was discovered. Phillip has worked with the SEY YES Inc. (Save Every Youth, Youth Enterprise Society) for 10 years. He was also a Crisis Intervention Field Supervisor where he served as a gang liaison to L.A.P.D. gang experts within the Los Angeles Municipal Courts, providing factual testimony in reference to gang behavior and activities.